# Name Requirement(s) Effects
- Beginner Spirit Investigator Deliver 1 of each of the following to Brynn: Spirit Remnant, Fire Spirit Remnant, Life Spirit Remnant, Terra Spirit Remnant and Ice Spirit Remnant. INT +8, STR +16
- Bryialne Heart Snatcher Deliver a Bryialne Heart to Brynn. Defense +3, STR +1, INT+3, WIL +1
- Crimson Blade Mercenary Collect a Crimson Blade Armor Set and talk to Marrec. Defense +3, STR +5
- Crimson Rage Agent Equip all 5 Pieces of the Crimson Rage Armor Set and talk to Kirstie. HP +20, STR +8, AGI +8, WIL +6
- Elegant Punisher Finish 35 enemies with Ivy Sweep. STR +6, WIL +12
- Gnoll Beater Finish 300 Gnolls by kicking them. AGI +1
- Gnoll Fashionista Equip a Screaming Gnoll Helm. AGI +6, INT +2, WIL +1
- Gnoll Kicker Finish 100 Gnolls by kicking them. AGI +1
- Gold Hungry Loot 1,000 gold. INT +1
- Kobold Kicker Defeat 100 Kobolds by kicking them. INT +1
- Light as a Feather Collect Light Battle Mail Helm, Light Battle Mail Chest, Light Battle Mail Greaves, Light Battle Mail Boots and Light Battle Mail Gaunlets. STR +5
- Neck Grabber Finish 10 Gnolls by grabbing them. STR +1
- Novice Reviver Use 100 Phoenix Feathers. AGI +2
- Obsessed Neck Grabber Finish 100 Gnolls by grabbing them. STR +1
- One Who Cant Stand But to Grab Enemies by Their Neck Finish 300 Gnolls by grabbing them. STR +1
- Perilous Ruins Cleaner Defeat 100 Gnolls with objects. INT +1
- Pop-Goes-the-Spider! Defeat 50 Spiders by stepping on them. AGI +5, WIL +10
- Pot Breaker Destroy 10 Erg Pots. INT +1
- Pro Kicks Defeat 25 enemies with kicks. STR +2, AGI +1, WIL +1
- Pushover for Shayla Finish the quest A Job for Shayla (2). INT+6
- Resourceful Fighter Defeat 10 Gnolls with objects after learning about the title by speaking with Marrec. STR +11
- Shayla's Lackey Complete the quest A Job for Shayla (1). INT +14
- Skill Book Reader Reach level 5 and read a skill book from Ceara. INT +3
- Standing on the Ruins Complete all battles in Perilous Ruins. HP+100
- Student of the Goddess Complete the story Clodaghs Question. AGI+8, INT +8
- The Aloof Magician's Assistant Deliver 3 Erg Crystals to Brynn. AGI +2, INT +8
- The Curious Monkey Speak to the Mysterious Man in the Magic Laboratory in Colhen, who will refuse to talk to you, then speak to Gallagher in the Mercenary Outpost who will ask for a Sapphire Ring from the General Store. Purchase it for 2,000 gold then return it to him. INT +4, WIL +7
- The Fresh New Recruit Collect the entire Premium Newbie Set and show it to Clodagh HP +20
- The Gnoll Chieftain Conqueror Defeat the mission Decisive Battle twice. STR +4, AGI +1, WIL +1
- Vengeance Seeker Deliver a Wolf Tail Bracelet and a Jagged Tooth Fang to Gwynn. WIL +8, AGI +8
- Veteran Mercenary Finish the Equipment Story quest Veteran Gear. HP +20, AGI +3, INT +3, WIL +3
- War Assistant Deliver 5 Cloths to Gwynn. STR +3

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